Welcome to my personal homepage! For ten years I have worked as a glaciologist, researching the dynamics of modern and ancient glaciers. During my academic career I had the luck to meet very inspiring mentors and be part of exciting research groups, particularly at Stockholm University, ETH Zürich and Hokkaido University. I have worked on measurements from Greenland (Bowdoin Glacier) and numerical modelling of past (Alpine and Cordilleran) ice sheets.

Glacier Blanc, French Alps
Glacier Blanc, French Alps (flickr)

On a more practical level, this implies that I have spent most of the last ten years writing Python code and then, through a collaborative process of intense debate, mushing it up into carefully crafted pieces of foreign language text and colourful animations for museums. A few times, I also had the incredible privilege to participate in fieldwork in remote cold corners of the Earth, such as the Canadian Cordillera and northwestern Greenland.

Contact: first name two first letters + last name three first letters + at + posteo and then dot + eu.